Custom Wood Cabinetry
      Specialty Items

Specialty Items 
The following items were done at the request the customer and is not in the realm of the normal cabinet production.
Pricing on these items are usually time and materials
Bench constructed of trusses from customers roof. Ceiling raised in section of house.  Finish - Waterlox.
Table bases for dining room table.  Combination of granite - wood - brass​
Bench - table - Shelf.  Made from trusses from building in downtown Fort Myers.  Finish: Waterlox
Shelf above toilet to match existing vanity and mirror
Window frames (curved) and crown to match cabinetry​ 
Custom guitars - for sale in showroom
Closet door built for insert in home office - finished to match cabinetry​
Bench seats below windows - finished to match cabinetry
Coffee table to match customers end tables
Hall shelf made for light and finish to match cabinetry
Pantry doors off kitchen - replaced bifold doors with solid maple doors and trim to match kitchen finish
Walnut ceiling with Walnut Beams
Walnut Veneered - Curved - TV surround